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An Open Controller For Woodwind Instruments


Engineers, hackers, and makers can most certainly build a musical gadget of some kind. They’ll build synths, they’ll build aerophones, and they’ll take the idea of mercury delay line memory, two hydrophones, and a really long tube filled with water to build the most absurd delay in existence. One thing they can’t seem to do is build a woodwind MIDI controller. That’s where [J.M.] comes in. He’s created the Open Woodwind Project as an open and extensible interface that can play sax and clarinet while connected to a computer.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. Believe it grew out of this project. Can’t wait to see what is created with this.

Carol Of The Bells

Arrangement I did for Clarinet Quartet. Enjoy!

  Carol Of The Bells by Pentatonix for Clarinet Quartet (324.9 KiB, 162 hits)
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