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David Erato On His Clarinet “Journey”

Ok, I hijacked the title from Bret Primentel’s blog entry about it. (read his summary on Davd’s article. It’s good)

David Erato decided he wanted to get better on clarinet. So, he set up a regimen to do just that.
“The idea as a “doubler” is to make whatever instrument is in your hand not feel like a foreign object. One should really study the instrument as if it is the only instrument you play. Practice the same method books, etudes, solos, as a clarinetist in a symphony once did. Jump through the same hoops and walk the same path traditional clarinetists do. “

I did something similar about 8 years ago with Oboe……

Zinn Regimen for Clarinet?

I wrote a comment on the ii-V-I progression post, but perhaps it is more appropriate for discussion on a main post. I was on the Jazz-Sax sight and found the Zinn Practice Regimen. I had it before, and just got the latest update (which looks awesome!). I have a clarinet I just got and a piccolo too. I found the flute regimen, but also listed was a clarinet one, though I cannot find it for the life of me. Anyone know of it/where to get it? It is simple enough I suppose to write one out myself, though it would take me 3 years to do with my schedule! I know that I can figure it out and not need to look at every note, but I like something tangible to work from. Thank you for any and all help!