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Micing Clarinet for Live Applications

I am playing in a duo here in SE Asia, accompanying an acoustic guitar player, playing through some pop and blues tunes. When I’m not playing clarinet, I am picking up the bass guitar or playing the cajon. I would really like to do my clarinet justice, but the sound is currently only ‘acceptable.’

I now have an AKG dynamic mic (the little one with the adjustable gooseneck ) clamped onto the bell, and a Shure SM58 around the middle pointing toward the tone holes in front. I also have a Shure Beta 98, but lacking phantom power, will have to wait until I get a pre-amp.

Any stories of applications that have worked for you in the past would be great!

Do different type of barrels influence the sound?

Anonymous Coward writes “Hey,
Does a different type of barrel influence or change the sound?? The other day I saw in a site hundreds of different type of barrels and I just wanted to ask you if it really makes a difference. Thanks”

To make a long story short, yes, it does effect your sound. It depends on the player, for some a different barrel changes a lot of things, for some, it doesn’t change hardly anything. Go to a music store that has some barrels and try them.