June 15, 2024

So, I got a 3D printer recently. Correction, I got a functional 3D printer recently. I’ve HAD a 3D printer, and Ender 3, for a few years, and it has been…..interesting. It works. And then it doesn’t. Usually doesn’t. It is hard to get it to print consistently. You end up making or buying extra parts for it. Anyhow…..the NEW printer is a Bambu Labs P1P. It just prints. Fast. Consistently. Just a real work horse for me right now.

So, what sort of music things can one make? How about this…..a 3D printed Clarinet Stand. On Cults3D, a site where people can put their 3D designs up and charge for them, a user called ERWAN62 made this clarinet stand. Looks good. Price? $3.77. Sold.

And Printed. It really looks great and…..more importantly…….WORKS GREAT!

I’ve made two so far. Going to make a few more. Perfect stocking stuffer for students.

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