July 12, 2024

Fred writes “Is anyone familiar with Buffet’s very limited edition jazz clarinet? The 1974 model – Super Dynaction – obviously gets its’ name from their famous line of saxes. The clarinet I own has Super Dynaction beneath the Buffet logo. If anyone out there owns one, played one, or has heard of this model, please email your impressions or any other information.”

5 thoughts on “Buffet Super Dynaction Clarinet?

  1. I have a 1968 Buffet “Super Dynaction” clarinet that I purchased in 2001. I noticed other Super Dynaction Saxes posted on the BBoard but I am only aware of 2 clarinets of this type. Freds 1974 and my 1968. Any other known available information on Buffet “Super Dynaction” clarinets would be appreciated. Thanks.

  2. Buffet had so many models that one can never be sure, but my understanding was that the SDA clarinet basically was a S-1, which was slightly brighter by design (and pitched to 442 Hz) than the R13 of that time.

  3. Hello,

    Sorry to drudge up such an old post. I came across this while trying to find some info on the super dynaction. I’ve just purchased one and am really keen to find out more about it. F964xx serial number and it also has forked Eb/Bb, and C#/G# keys and hole. Can anyone tell me what year it would be from and any other info?

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