July 12, 2024

John Nastos writes “Does anyone know what type of mouthpiece/ligature/reed setup that Eddie Daniels uses? “

Well, if you go to Eddie’s website he seems to maybe use a Rovner EDII ligature, Vandoren #4s or V12 #4s, and LeBlanc clarinets. Good question about the mouthpiece. You could maybe email Eddie Daniels (I’m not brave enough too 🙂 )

7 thoughts on “Eddie Daniels Mouthpiece?

  1. Eddie makes his own mouthpieces with equipment in his practice studio. He has hundreds off them all over his place and is constantly making new ones and changing his own.

    He also engraves them as to when and where he played it. Then one I bought from him is engraved ED 4/27/97 Birdland #2 (Second Set)

    Mike Braverman

  2. Mike,

    I have just discovered this site and am thrilled at the transcriptions of Eddie Daniels’ solos you’ve done. Do you or anyone else have more? Thanks.

  3. Your transcribed solos has helped my alot. I was wondering if you have done Solfeggietto, Metamorphosis.I’m in the process of learning the middle section for a series of concerts in Feb 03 with Canadian Military Band.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Frank Martens

  4. I own two Eddie Daniels mouthpieces, and I can honestly say that I am able to do things on the horn that I have never been able to do as a result of using his mouthpieces. To me they represent a remarkable balance between upper and lower register response and sound. My first mouthpiece was called “chocolate” by Eddie Daniels, and I think that it sounds like Swiss chocolate tastes! I still love my Kaspar mouthpiece (1970), but with my horn, the Daniels mouthpieces are unbeatable. Price $175.

  5. Mike, do you use any particular software or MIDI setup to help you transcribe. I use MOTU software to import the music, and when I play it back I can slow it down, pause, etc. However, I have heard that it is possible to find MIDI software that isolates solo material and then essentially writes it on notation software. Maybe I have just dreamed this. How do you do it. And, thanks for doing it!

  6. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away for quite some time. I transcribed these solos the old fashioned way.(Play-rewind-play-rewind etc.) No tricks at all.


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