June 15, 2024

I just got done making some backgrounds for use with the etudes in Walt Weiskopf’s book Around the Horn.

The backgrounds were generated with Band in a Box 10 and tweaked with Digital Performer 3, and recorded using my Alesis NanoPiano and Roland Sound Canvas.Bb Backgrounds

The number after the name is the metronome marking the song was recorded at.

Update: I removed the original links from 2001 a long time ago. I have now just put up the Band in a Box files for people interested in them. Enjoy!

  Around The Horn Band in a Box Files (13.6 KiB, 64 hits)
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2 thoughts on “Around The Horn Backgrounds

  1. Hi Eric,

    The links to your tracks for AROUND THE HORN BACKGROUNDS seem to be dead. Could you re-upload them, I would really like them.

    Many thanks,


    1. Yeah, well, no. They were taking up a LOT of space, and they were getting “mined” by BOTS (random IP addresses linking and downloading the files). I don’t think hardly any “legit” users downloaded them. I think the Band in a Box files are up though.

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