June 15, 2024

Ian Ross Drummond writes “In the BIABFSG files section is a folder, which has within it a complete book of jazz guitar studies. I happen to possess this book and the BB files have made the manuscript ‘come alive’ for both me and my students. I wanted to contribute therefore a standard woodwind text in BB form to continue this worthy tradition. The Demnitz Clarinet studies are a ‘standard text’ for the clarinet and ties in nicely with the ‘scale project’ as a course of study to develop basic instrumental technique upon an instrument; in this case, the Clarinet.

I want to make this important point: – TO PLAY THESE STUDIES, POSSESSION OF THE MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL. (I used the Shirmer edition although there are others.) The notation will not display correctly in BB but will sound correctly and I have made no attempt to alter this because the music should, in my opinion, be bought!”

Now I have to state an apology. I am no expert in the field of harmony and many of the more knowledgeable members of BIABFSG will doubtless find fault with these files and will be perfectly entitled to do so!
Now to the files themselves! The musical purist will not approve of Demnitz etudes done in this way! I teach students from age 7 to 18 in a culture where ‘western music’ is rock, pop, rap etc, etc. (I have ‘plugged in’ to this perception to try and make the studies attractive to my students.) The files are for young students to hopefully enjoy practicing these etudes with their own computers at home or in a group situation at school, college etc. I have made no attempt whatsoever to make these studies ‘Classical’ or ‘Serious’ (I hate that type of labelling in music) so be aware that the files use standard BB12 styles from jazz to hip-hop. In the original Demnitz text no chords are indicated hence the potential for harmonic controversy. Mature BB users are aware of the difficulties of key signatures, dynamics and tempo changes in BB and the limitations in this regard impact on the files themselves. Nevertheless, I hope that the members, and clarinettists in particular, will find these files of interest and use.

Ian Ross Drummond

Kuwait City May 2003


NOTE: These are available via groups.yahoo.com. Look for the Band in a Box group.

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