May 26, 2024

An anonymous coward writes “Hey,I’ve been reading articles here and I wanted to ask you, is the Vandorem B45 a student mouthpiece? Which reeds do you prefer for playing jazz?”<p>

Not at all. A B45 is a very good mouthpiece. I used one for a couple of years, and I know a few people out there who still do. When you get more into clarinet, some people like to try to find a different sound that the B45 doesn’t lend itself to. A darker sound. A B45 to me is kind of bright, which is good for Jazz playing in my opinion.

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  1. And what about the reeds question? Which reeds do you prefer for playing jazz? Why, do they offer a different sound?

  2. I just tried several mouthpieces, looking to change from a Vandoran V360 if I could find something better and darker. I bought a Vandoran B45 and like it pretty well. I tried a Selmer 6*, a Leblanc K series, and then the (3) B45s, which were surprisingly different… I get a lot more volume from the B45…and it seems good in all ranges. but its still pretty bright.

    So– what does anyone else use/recommend?

  3. Hi!

    I started playing clarinet a week and a half ago. Thanks for this topic, as it is good stuff. My question is: At what point do you know you need a change? I am learning on a true student horn–no name on it except a model name! Anyway, the reason I started the clarinet is because I want to play in orchestras/symphonies/jazz bands in my area. My horn’s mouthpiece is a Rico Royal B5. At what point do I know I need to change?

    I come from a lifetime of music, btw. Years and years on trumpet and guitar. Most recently piano and, now, clarinet as well.


  4. It is open enough for a bright sound, but nice for chamber music as well. Good for Jazz. You can play 3 to a 4 reed strength on this mouthpiece.

    Just a suggestion.

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