June 15, 2024

Aaron writes “Hi, my names Aaron and have been playing my clarinet for 6 years. I started on a Buffet E 11 and have finally convinced my mom to get me a R 13. I tried it out with a B 45 but, its a little resistant. Could someone makes any suggestions for good mouthpiece reed combos that would get a me a dark sound. I play mainly classical. If you want to know what I need. I need a reed mouthpiece combo so I can play Percy Grainger’s Molly on the Shore without resistance. Thanks”

There are a number of mouthpieces to try. Fobes, Vandoren, etc, etc. You should go to a local music store and try a bunch out. If you don’t live by one, try the Woodwind/Brasswind. They have a reasonable return policy on mouthpieces.

2 thoughts on “Clarinet Mouthpieces for a Buffet R 13?

  1. hi aaron ive been playing for almost the same amount of time as you have. i play mostly classical also, but the muothpieces i use are the charles bay h2, and the 5rv lyre. i tried the 5rv for a while this year, but have chosen to stick with the h2. and i also use the optimum ligatures. these give me the sond of a clear crisp tone, and the h2 helps you control articulation. you also might want to try the p34 giglioti. i tried it, and it takes a while to break in, but when you do, it gives you an awesome tone. well hope this helps. -kev

  2. I have had excellent results with a Blayman mouthpiece paired with my Buffet. Very warm sound. Herb Blayman was the clarinetist who recorded the solo in the Godfather theme.

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