May 26, 2024

I am playing in a duo here in SE Asia, accompanying an acoustic guitar player, playing through some pop and blues tunes. When I’m not playing clarinet, I am picking up the bass guitar or playing the cajon. I would really like to do my clarinet justice, but the sound is currently only ‘acceptable.’

I now have an AKG dynamic mic (the little one with the adjustable gooseneck ) clamped onto the bell, and a Shure SM58 around the middle pointing toward the tone holes in front. I also have a Shure Beta 98, but lacking phantom power, will have to wait until I get a pre-amp.

Any stories of applications that have worked for you in the past would be great!

1 thought on “Micing Clarinet for Live Applications

  1. The problem with amplifying clarinet is that the sound comes out in many directions, the fingerholes and the bell, and different notes project from different places. Therefore, a single microphone is not a great solution in live situations. Depending on the volume of the particular situation you are playing in, I have found two different approaches that work well. AMT, Applied Microphone Technology, makes excellent double mics on ultra-lite goosenecks which clip on to your bell and suspend a mic under your bell and above the fingerholes. They are not cheap, but of the highest quality. See

    If you are playing in high volume situations where feedback can be a problem, a mic which is installed on the barrel is a good solution. No feedback, decent sound which you can alter with electronics, if you are into that. See the PT100PV on this page- I have found this to be a quality product:

    Either of these solutions can be wireless. I have used them both. I use the barrel solution most lately because I don’t have to worry about feedback.

    Good luck,

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