July 12, 2024

Ok, I finally tried a Zonda reed. I was just about out of Vandorens and my friend had an extra 3 1/2 Zonda. I tried it. My first impression was that it was really rough. The grain and stuff. It played good. Though at first it was a little too thick sounding, but it seems to be getting better as I get it broken in. Anyone else got comments on Zonda reeds?

3 thoughts on “Zonda Reeds

  1. I have recently switched to Zonda hand select #2 reeds. I am using a Buffet R13 produced in 1998 with silver keys. My mouthpiece is a Walter Grabner personal series and the ligature is a BG Revelation and the barrel is a Robert Scott and the bell is an Accubore. I am playing jazz all in the lower register, like Jimmy Guifre. With this combination of components, the Zonda reed helps me to achieve the most amazing round, dark and pleasing mellow sound. Also I have recently purchased Tom Ridenour’s ATG Reed Balancing System which is truly a great product and I highly recommend that every single reed instrument player should use.

  2. That’s cool… been blowing Zonda’s for 20-25 years. Even use them on my Conn “c” soprano.

  3. I use the Zonda 3.5 and I smooth it down a little before playing. It doesn’t last as long this way but I get better sound and playability. I love Zonda.

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