Buffet Super Dynaction Clarinet?

Fred writes “Is anyone familiar with Buffet’s very limited edition jazz clarinet? The 1974 model – Super Dynaction – obviously gets its’ name from their famous line of saxes. The clarinet I own has Super Dynaction beneath the Buffet logo. If anyone out there owns one, played one, or has heard of this model, please email your impressions or any other information.”

3 thoughts on “Buffet Super Dynaction Clarinet?”

  1. I have a 1968 Buffet “Super Dynaction” clarinet that I purchased in 2001. I noticed other Super Dynaction Saxes posted on the BBoard but I am only aware of 2 clarinets of this type. Freds 1974 and my 1968. Any other known available information on Buffet “Super Dynaction” clarinets would be appreciated. Thanks.

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