May 26, 2024

Anonymous Coward writes “I’m interested in opinions of Clark Fobes mouthpieces. I’m interested in the San Francisco model. And what would the difference be between symmetrical and asymmetrical facings?”

3 thoughts on “Clark Fobes Mouthpieces

  1. If you check out the Klarinet Archives, and do a search on “Fobes Mouthpiece” you can find an article such as this one which gives a good explanation of the facings and stuff.

    I’m interested as well in the Fobes mouthpieces. I have a Ronald Caravan clarinet mouthpiece at the moment, and I love it, but if something ever happened to it….I’d be real sad.

  2. I want to purchase a clarinet for my wife’s birthday. She played many years ago and has one of these “wouldn’t it be nice to do it again one day” ideas in the back of her mind. I found a used wooden Boosey & Hawkes clarinet for around $400, but don’t have a clue as to whether or not this is a decent brand or how to tell if the horn is any good. I don’t play the clarinet (I’m a trombonist) so I really have no expertise in this field. Assuming the horn is in good conditon, is that a fair price?

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