June 15, 2024

does anybody played on the gonzalez “for our friends” reeds? I’ve heard pretty good things about them, and only one comment about not-so-good responsiveness. Supposedly they have a high percentage of playable reeds per box and the cane is organically grown and at least 7 years aged. I just need to buy more reeds and I want to try something besides v12s and hand-me-down reeeds (I really need to start saving them, too).
Does anybody have their own opinions?

5 thoughts on “Gonzalez FoF reeds?

  1. I have used FoF reeds once, and I like them, but not very much. They are not quite as responsive or great sounding as I would have liked.

    Since you mentioned V12s, I will express my opinion about those. I absolutely LOVE V12s. Any Vandoren reeds, really. It takes a more experienced player, but you can really make them sing if you try, even with my ABS resin YCL 250. Vandoren really makes top-notch stuff – can’t go wrong with them. They’re more expensive but definitely worth it. However, the percentage of playable reeds per box is not very high… but you can’t have everything!


  2. I was VERY happy with Gonzalez REGULAR CUT. Vandoren reeds have too bright sound for my oppnion. And ofcourse, you NEVER get more than three good reeds per box. For that price….
    By the way; I play Buffet Crampon RC with Vandoren M30 mouthpiece.

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