February 23, 2024

I’m trying out a few mouthpieces – a Vandoren M13, M15, 5JB, and B45. Does anyone have any suggestions for reeds that might work well with these? I have an R13 and play mostly jazz/big band and some classical.

4 thoughts on “Reed Suggestions for M13, M15, 5JB, B45

  1. I can’t believe in my eyes! Pat says he/she uses #3 1/4 reeds with 5JB! Almost all the Folk-balkan clarinetist in Turkey use this mpc with #1 Hot and Swing Special or #1 Rico Royal(at most #1,5). How can you guys, use this mpc with so hardest reeds? We even can’t produce a significant sound with #2! It becomes dull and silent volume…

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